Mobile Craps

Mobile CrapsCraps is experiencing a renaissance right now, with many younger players discovering the excitement of this game when playing at a mobile Casino.

At its heart, Craps is a very simple game, as players are merely betting on the outcome when a pair of dice is rolled. What makes this truly exciting, however, is the range of betting options, and that’s where it can get a little more complicated and can require some practice! All good mobile Casinos will clearly list the betting options within the game, however, so you’ll be able to check what you’re doing before placing any bets.

One of the reasons that Craps is a Casino favourite is that it has some of the best odds in the house when you place well-chosen bets, whether you choose to play online or on your mobile.

As with many Casino games, there are some distinct advantages to playing Craps on a mobile device. The touchscreen always improves gaming and it’s great to be able to take your favourite games out with you to pass the time wherever you are.

One recommendation I would make is that Craps works better on a tablet than a mobile phone. Although the mobile Casino is essentially the same on both devices, because a Craps table has a fair amount of detail written on, it can be useful to be able to view it on a slightly larger screen.

Try Craps today and see what you think!