Playing Mobile Scratchcards

Mobile Scratchcards Most of us are pretty familiar with the concept of Scratchcards; they’ve been around offline for several years. But you might not know that they can be played at online and great mobile casinos too, and they’re becoming more popular by the day.

A Little Bit of Scratchcard Background

The Dittley Brothers Lottery Division produced the very first Scratchcards, back in 1976. They were used by the Massachusetts State Lottery, as they tried to raise funds for local government. As physical Scratchcards are today, they were made by printing a simple pattern of figures onto a card and then concealing that with a layer of glue. Players had to scratch the glue off to reveal if they had a winning combination on their card and would be getting a prize.

With the thrill of instant wins, low cost and basic simplicity, Scratchcards were a hit immediately. That’s still true today, and the cards are still very successfully used for fundraisers and promotions. This can be done very locally, and can go all the way up to national level. You can even play them online in their own right, and you’ll find them at many of the mobile casinos that we recommend at

A Great Choice for Mobile Casino Players

Scratchcards are very quick to play, which is perfect when you’re grabbing a few moments of game time during your busy day as so many mobile casino players are. Use them when you have limited time, or when you want a break between more intense games. As a bonus, they’re cheaper because they cost nothing to make, and kinder to the environment because they don’t use any paper.

Scratchcards also offer a 95% theoretical RTP, which no intelligent player is going to dismiss. The simple graphics and gameplay are perfectly suited to the powerful screen displays and processing units in modern smartphones and tablets too.

The touchscreens of mobile devices also allow you to recreate the action of removing the glue on a real-life Scratchcard as you reveal the hidden symbols, making the experience feel really authentic. Add in the potential to win some money, and you have the formula for success.

How Online Scratchcards Work

The combination of numerals or simple pictures on online Scratchcards are created using Random Number Generation as they are revealed, ensuring total safety and fairness. In addition to the effect of scratching the card being simulated, many feature other animations along with high-quality graphics and sound. Another advantage to online Scratchcard play is that the themes are a lot more diverse, which can really add to the enjoyment of playing them.

All you need to do to start playing is sign up at a mobile casino from our list of recommendations that offers Scratchcards. Choose your game type, bet level and the amount of money you want to put down. You can often play these casino games for free too; giving you the chance to try them out and make sure you like them before risking real cash. You can usually choose between single and multiple area cards too.

After you’ve exposed the symbols on your Scratchcard, check the payout tables to see if you’ve won anything. If you have, the credits go into your casino account. And that’s it! The game is over; you can buy another ticket to extend your payout or try again, or you can move on to something else. It’s perfect for the modern lifestyle.

Online Scratchcard Tips

To really get the most from online Scratchcards, follow these pointers:

Get Scratching

Armed with all this information, you’re ready to start exploring mobile Scratchcards for yourself. Your whole online casino experience will be enhanced!