Facebook Casino Games FAQs

Playing fun play casino apps on Facebook is easy, but many players still have questions. Here we answer some of the most common.

Are Facebook Casino Apps Legal?

Real money gambling Facebook casino applications are not legal in many countries. If you search for them on the platform you won’t get any results. Social casinos are, however, both legal and widely available. Facebook is uncompromising on its age-appropriate position, so most of the Facebook casino slots will only be available to those over 18 and players will be checked. Some are limited to players over 21.

How Do Free Play Facebook Casino Apps Work?

The games operate on token-based play. Players are handed many tokens when they sign up, like a bonus. More tokens can be earned simply by playing, and by means of other promotions. Additional tokens can be purchased, via real money, as part of the freemium status of the app, but this is generally optional. Social casinos work mainly off competitiveness, with players striving to reach the top of the game’s leaderboards. Owning tokens allows people to achieve this more easily. You will not need to spend any money playing games like Facebook casino slots.

What Types Of Games Are Offered In Facebook Casino Apps?

The game selection with the social media casino applications you can enjoy will depend on the brand you are using. As far as Facebook casino slots are concerned, for example, Slotomania is one of the most popular with more than 5 million players, but it’s just slots. DoubleDown Casino is another Facebook casino app, and offers Video Poker, Blackjack, slots, and more. If you enjoy tournaments you can enjoy these at the various social casinos too.

What Types Of Prizes Are Available?

Token jackpot prizes are awarded to successful players. Tokens let you keep playing games within the social casinos providing them, including Blackjack, slots, Video Poker and more. Rarely you will be able to find vacation packages and electronics on offer too. The biggest prize is the bragging rights!

Have There Been Real Money Gambling Facebook Apps In The Past?

Yes. Zynga, the creators of Farmville attempted to launch ZyngaPlusPoker and ZyngaPlusCasino for the United Kingdom market. The laws governing gambling are a lot more flexible there, which allowed the applications to enjoy an opportunity not available in the USA. The apps did not generate enough traffic to keep them going, however, so they are no longer available anywhere.

Is There Potential For Real Money Gambling Facebook Casino Apps?

There may well be the chance for real money gambling applications to come to Facebook if nations can get their domestic online gambling laws in check. Mobile gaming has taken off worldwide via gambling apps based online like those available at Google Play Casinos and App Store Casinos. Since Facebook is one of the most widely used mobile apps it is only natural that real money casino apps will flourish there as well. Until then, we will have to make do with fun play casino apps!