Live Multi Player Roulette – Maximum Thrills

At our recommended VIP casinos, live dealers really know how to treat their valued customers right. This is true of all the games on offer, but it’s especially obvious in Live Multi Player Roulette. In these VIP casino rooms, dealers are interacting with up to 7 players at once, and need to be more alert than ever to give each high roller the special attention they all deserve. We’re pleased to report that the skilled dealers at our recommended online and mobile VIP casinos do just that!

What Makes Live Multi Player Roulette Special?

All the best VIP casinos players have available to them offer every kind of Roulette game; it is synonymous with the luxurious glamour that they lavish on their high roller casino players. Live Roulette games are something special, though, and Multi Player Live Roulette games are extra special.

You get all the same engagement and immersion in a regular live dealer game of Roulette, bantering with and getting advice from the dealer as you watch the game’s action infold in front of you, but you also get to chat to other players and see what bets they place. This makes the game more sociable, enjoyable and authentic by bringing another element of real-life games to the table.

In addition, you can learn a lot more in Multi Player games because you can see the wagers that your tablemates place. By comparing them to yours, you’ll be able to see different strategies in action and understand what works better. You can even discuss moves with other players sometimes, so that everyone can benefit. You may find that your present tablemates don’t want to do this, but it is always worth trying.

More Demands on Your Attention

The one thing that you do need to be aware of with live dealer Multi Player Roulette games is that there is even more going on in them that other games. Not only do you need to watch what’s going on with your own bets, but you’ll have another 6 players’ bets happening at the same time. The live chat can also be very distracting when you’re trying to concentrate.

Our advice, as always, is to go slowly. Tell everyone that you are new to game action that is both multi player and live dealer. Explain that you might miss a few questions or comments in the live chat, but that you are definitely not ignoring anyone deliberately. The last thing you want to do is be rude; it’s just as much of a faux pas in live dealer online games as it is in real-life land-based games.

You might also want to start with the lowest minimum bet that you are allowed at a high roller table, just until you feel comfortable with the games. Once you’re familiar with the pace and with paying attention to everything that’s going on, you can go back to the larger bets that you love so much, and that bring in the really spectacular wins!