Live Dealer Roulette for Mobile Players

In the not too distant past, the only way that you could play a Roulette game was by commuting to a land-based casino. This is no longer the case, thanks to the internet, which has seen many online and mobile casinos starting up. These allow you to enjoy virtual games whenever you want.

While the games are enjoyable, they never quite match up to the real casino experience. When online and mobile casinos realised this, they started developing live dealer games such as live dealer roulette, and this allows you to stream real time games to wherever you are!

What Live Roulette Games Offer Players

Live Roulette games feature a real Croupier managing the Roulette wheel, but have virtual aspects available in terms of the betting area. The outcome of your bets will depend on the spin of the real Roulette wheel. The companies that offer live dealer games employ Dealers who are intelligent, attractive, and friendly, and the games are thus professional and enticing.

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How Does Live Casino Roulette Work?

Companies who specialise in these games operate most live casino studios. They build the spaces, hire Dealers and train them, and then license the games out to online and mobile casinos. There are many studios all around the world, with Riga, in Latvia, being one of the most popular places. There are unbranded tables, which a number of casinos share, and the bigger casinos provide dedicated, or branded, tables for play.

You will be asked to choose a live dealer Roulette table, and a window will then open, which will show the Dealer, the wheel, and the betting surface. Using your mouse to bet, you will drop chips on to the virtual betting surface provided, and, usually every 30 seconds, the Dealer will set the wheel spinning. He or she will then place the dolly to indicate where the ball landed, and the bets you made will be settled at once. A social element is added to these games, thanks to the fact that you can chat to other players and the Dealer by means of a Chat box.

Which Live Dealer Roulette Games are Offered?

The most commonly found live Roulette games take the European Roulette format, with the single 0 giving the house a lower edge than the double 0 does. Some casinos also provide French Roulette, with same single 0 format, but with even-money bets returned at 50% when the ball lands in the 0 pocket. This lowers the house edge even more!

Depending on which live online casinos you decide to play at, variations from companies like Evolution Gaming may be available. Their enhanced games provide special-effect options like slow-motion replays, which add an enjoyable aspect to play. Slingshot Roulette is also an option, which features an automated machine alongside the table and real Dealer.

The Betting Limits for Live Dealer Roulette

You will find that the Roulette games you play at live casino sites usually have higher betting limits in place than virtual games do. This is in order to cover the higher overheads, thanks to the live dealer tables, and the slightly lowered turnover. While the actual limits will vary from casino to casino, the most common choices are US$1 for Inside bets, and US$5 for Outside bets.

Dedicated live dealer Roulette tables are also provided for high rollers. You may well find yourself enjoying a game at a dedicated table, which features a Dealer spinning just for you. Betting limits for these tables can occasionally go into 5-figure amounts, with this total applying per spin of the wheel.