Canada’s Top 10 Online Depositing Methods

The safety and security of your funds is always a concern when you’re playing for real money at an online casino. Thankfully, there are several online depositing systems available, and you need to choose one that works well for you. Since players have different needs and priorities, the right option will not be the same for everyone.

That’s why we bring you guidelines on as many Canadian depositing options as possible to help you find the one that is most suited to you. To help get you started, read through our list of what we consider the 10 best methods.

1.Credit Cards

At one point, credit cards were the only way to transact on the Internet. There is still a lot of trust in them, especially since SSL encryptions have reduced the risk of card fraud. MasterCard and VISA are most frequently seen, and the low bank fees and speedy processing also help make them popular choices.

2.Debit Cards

Though not quite as widespread as credit cards, debit cards are still one of the most common depositing options in Canada. The advantage of Maestro, VISA Electron and other debit cards is that it is easier to control your finances and stay in the black – after all; you can’t spend what you don’t have.


Neteller is a great alternative, and functions as an electronic wallet, or eWallet. Essentially, this means that it acts as a midpoint between your bank and casino accounts. You put your funds into your Neteller wallet, and then transfer them to the site of your choice from there. You have total anonymity, but still benefit from the high security of major financial institutions...Read More


Skrill is another of the many eWallet-based online depositing options available. Like Neteller, it is anonymous and safe, as well as carrying no transaction charges...Read More


PayPal is the last eWallet we’ve listed for you, and is generally considered to be the original. The trusted brand is still an excellent choice, with the same benefits of Neteller and Skrill. You may actually prefer PayPal to the other eWallets, because it its backed by such a solid reputation.


Paysafecard is among the most popular European and Canadian depositing options. You can purchase these vouchers from different land-based retailers, as well as on the company website. You are sent a unique, one-time PIN for every voucher, so it is also totally anonymous and very secure. The Loyalty Club offers attractive rewards, and is another reason so many players opt to use these vouchers...Read More


You might see casinos that are only supported by Trustly. Essentially, it acts as a channel for moving your funds directly from a financial institution to a casino account. As long as your bank is registered with the company, you can use it without needing to set anything else up.

You get the same kind of anonymity and security as with eWallet. The only difference is you don’t have the additional step in the transfer process. You might find you want this to help you control your spending.


Zimpler was specifically designed for online casino depositing, so it couldn’t be safer or simpler. A good way to think of this system is as a cross between a virtual wallet and a system like Trusty. Your accounts are linked to Zimpler, which acts as an overall file manager. The difference between this and Trustly is that you have to link your financial products to Zimpler yourself.


As far as online depositing methods go, this is one of the best. Similar to Trustly, iDebit is affiliated with some of the top financial institutions in our country, including the Bank of Montreal.


Lastly, these cryptocurrency payments are becoming more popular with online players. Once you’ve bought or mined Bitcoin, you need to move them to your Bitcoin wallet and then into your gaming account. Just be sure to choose a reputable site, because Bitcoin is so unregulated.