Social Casinos vs. Real Play Casinos

If you’ve been around any kind of online casinos recently, you’ve almost certainly heard of social games. They are played on platforms like Facebook, and are becoming increasingly popular around the world. So how exactly do they work, and which comes off better when you consider social casinos vs real play casinos? Let’s find out more…

The Basics of Game Play

Just as with most real-money online casinos, you can play at social casinos by downloading and installing apps or you can access the fun in-browser, with no download required. The difference here, if we’re considering social gambling vs online gambling, is that if you choose instant-play games you’ll have to log into Facebook or whatever platform you are using first. Rather than going straight to the site from your browser, you’ll go to your Facebook or similar platforms’ page, and then to the relevant site.

However you access the games, when you sign up you will be given a set amount of playing credits. Your initial credits are given for free and you’ll win more credits as you play, rather than actual funds, which is the major distinction when comparing social gambling vs online gambling. You can also spend money to get yourself more playing credits, but this will still be considerably less than in conventional gaming sites online.

How Revenue is Generated

The way money is made at social casinos vs real money casinos is quite different. Real-money operators take their profits from the bets that players place when the house wins. Their social counterparts make a little from selling additional credits, but the bulk of their earnings come from the advertising space that they sell. That means you can expect to see a lot more advertisements when you play on these platforms.

Similar Entertainment, Different Appeal

The actual experiences of social gambling vs online gambling, when compared, are very distinct from each other. Since no real funds are at risk when you play on Facebook or somewhere similar, the atmosphere is more relaxed. Connecting with fellow players is easier too, because you are matched with people who have similar skills to you and then encouraged to interact in challenges.

You can post the results of these on your profile, which always generates friendly competition, and as you win you will get ahead on the leader boards. You can even personally challenge others and go head to head, or simply chat to them and establish new friendships. Overall, the sense of community is stronger than at real money establishments.

The Safety Aspect

Since no actual money is being won, these free to play gaming sites don’t have to adhere to the same strict regulations as online casinos. That makes them easier to access in places where regular online betting is restricted, but it can also mean that standards such as proper Random Number Generation are not maintained. When you do play for real money, make sure that you stick with the sites that we recommend here, and you can trust that the games will be played out fairly and the results unbiased.

Fun For Everyone Online

There is no clear winner or loser in the debate on social casinos vs real play casinos. Both work better in different situations, and it really depends what you want from your time online. Practice in a relaxed way and connect with like-minded individuals on Facebook or other interactive platforms, or play to win real money at conventional sites. You are sure to have a great time either way, and the luckiest players are the ones who get to experience both options.