Mobile Casino Tournaments

The casino tournament is as much a part of the industry as any slot, card or table game. Its popularity is firmly entrenched and now it’s made the transition to the smartphone and tablet platform to further entertain its fans. Tournaments have been incorporated into many major casino games, but the one game that clenches first place is none other than slots. Slots games are the most popular games out there and so it only makes sense that tournaments are most associated with this genre. Slots games are also most suited for the tournament format. Mobile casino tournaments are attractive to players for various reasons; they’re easier on the pocket, they’re competitive, their time limits add an additional element of excitement and the rewards can be quite lucrative.

Playing Tournaments: The Free Roll

The Free Roll Tourney, as it often referred to and in an endearing light, is the most popular mobile casino tournament out there. Free rolls have a natural inclination to attract lovers of tourneys because entry is free. It’s a generous move on the behalf of the operator and it gets bums in the seats. However, it should be noted that only entry and thus the first round is free. Progression into the subsequent rounds will cost. The prize money from a free roll tourney is dependent on the amount of players that have participated and the end result is the accumulation of cash or the prize pool. Free rolls are applicable to mobile slots primarily but in no way exclusive to the genre. Mobile blackjack and mobile roulette also from part of the fun and festivities.

Entering a Mobile Casino Tournament

It goes without saying that in order to take part in a mobile casino tournament, you need to first be a member. After you’ve signed up, a process which takes no more than 5 minutes max, you’ll be able to use your smartphone’s browser to navigate the digital terrain of the casino. Alternatively, and depending on the way the casino is designed, you’ll be able to download the casino software, whereby turning it into an app on your device. In the casino lobby you’ll see all your options and/entry points. Look for Tournaments and click on or swipe/tap it. Usually there will be a time table showcasing all the start times. The free rolls will the accompanied by the Sit and Go Tournaments, the latter of which only start once enough contestants have entered.

Card & Table Game Tournaments

Much more mobile casino tourney action is waiting in the wings and all you have to do is enter! The fun doesn’t stop with video slot games; in fact the fun is only further reiterated with your favourite card and table games – blackjack and roulette. Both these games are offered up in two exciting tournament formats – free toll and buy-in. The first type will allow for an initial free entry after which it costs to move on to the next level. A buy-in will cost from the get go. At the end of the day there’s no denying the excitement as you go through the levels, seeing your name appear on the leader board as you get closer and closer to the big win.