Emoji Planet Mobile Slots

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Emoji’s are there to stay. These cute little critters have invaded our very lives and changed the way we communicate with each other. There are movies about emoji’s and even pillows with their faces! You can rest your head on your favourite emoji while you dream of winning big, and speaking of winning big, that’s what you can do when you play Emoji Planet Mobile Slots. This new game from NetEnt, masters of the art of casino gaming, is proving to be a real hit among players and why not? It’s got a theme everyone can relate to, it provides a new and refreshing way to win, and provides a visual experience not like any of its peers.

If any of what we’re saying thus far is getting you excited to try this new and alluring game, then allow us to tell you where you can try it.

Try it out at Hippodrome Casino

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Look & Feel

Here’s an interesting bit of information, Emoji’s were the brainchild of a Japanese programmer named Shigetaka Kurita and he created the first one way back in 1999 while working on a mobile internet project. We bet he didn’t know that these things would eventually come to form part of the very social fabric of our lives. How many times haven’t you used an emoji to drive home a point or enhance the urgency of your message?

With Emoji Planet Mobile Slots, NetEnt have worked hard to craft a game that departs from convention. This on its own really shouldn’t surprise regular gamers as it is what NetEnt are known for – departing from the norm. This time round they’ve created a game with a cool and cheesy soundtrack and a look that’s straight out of a smartphone. They’ve also created a new way in which players can win.

Emoji Planet Features

Emoji Planet Mobile Slots doesn’t rely on a reel system to create wins, instead this game wards wins when at least 5 like symbols all become connected. So, the minute you get 5 or more images clumped together, you score. The most clumped together symbols is 25 in total. Each symbol carries a different value and when you do get at least 5 together, they all explode and that space gets filled with new symbols with another chance for a win to come your way.

All the usual Wild and Scatter attributes have also been removed and in their place is a metre system that’s applicable to specific emoji’s. The idea is to score consecutive wins so that the metres can climb and once filled, gives you what you came for!

Emoji Planet