Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune Mobile Slots

NetEnt, never a company to disappoint, are once again at it with their latest release at the time of this publication, Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune Mobile Slots. As you have guessed, this mobile casino app revolves all around a visit to a very eclectic theme park and not only does this game look the part, it is the part.  We’ve seen theme park games in the past so nothing new here in terms of concept, but we also know that when NetEnt is helming the wheel, you can expect something fun, innovative and authentic. And let us tell you, with this one the company have thrown everything at it along with the kitchen sink. This in itself is somewhat of a departure for NetEnt as the company usually tends to keep things pretty simple while still delivering with new ideas and ways to win. It’s not that NetEnt hasn’t released more complex mobile slots games before, they just don’t do it that often. You can enjoy this casino app right now if you please at Thrills Casino – where like the game itself, you’re sure to get a fair amount of thrills.

Where to get your Thrills…

Thrills Casino offers something different to players and at just the right time. As the online and mobile casino industry marches on, expands and taps into new markets, competition has become rife but a lot of what is out there isn’t anything we have not seen before. This is where Thrills Casino stands out and it does this because it veers away from the road most travelled. This departure from the norm is most apparent in its Bonus-O-Metre which brings in a large element of interaction and rewards you with bonuses for your game play. This cool addition to the Thrills Casino tracks your play and can boost your rewards with things like Race Mode, Lighting Mode and Booster. Thrills boasts more than 700 casino games in total – an absolutely massive amount and many of which are available as mobile casino apps too. Thrills Casino runs a series of exciting promotions including their deposit bonus for first time players that offers up to $400 in bonus cash.

Theme Park: Looks and Graphics

NetEnt have bequeathed this game with a very fuzzy and fluffy look, as if it’s meant to conjure up memories of being at a theme park when you were a kid. And to this end NetEnt is immensely successful. All sorts of classic attributes of a theme part are to be found upon this game’s 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 paylines – roller-coasters, bumper cars, rockets, Ferris wheels etc. It’s all made even more exciting by the amount of bonus features included which tally up to 6 in total.

Theme Park Bonus Features

There are so many bonus features in the mobile casino app that we’ll have to do our best to touch on each one, be it just briefly. First off you’ve got the Claw Feature, which looks just like the mechanical ones at them parks. This symbols is applicable to the base game and reel 5 only. Once it appears the claw will reach underneath the reel to grab a toy which could give you up to 15x your bet. However, what you really want coming your way is the golden theme park ticket Scatter symbol. Once this ticket lands on reels 3, 4 and 5 a wheel will appear and start spinning. Once you click on the stop button you will be issued with a certain number of tickets which you can then use to enter into the bonus features within the theme park. You’ll be able to choose between the Punch Bag, the Can Tower, the Sledge Hammer, the Skee Ball, Fishing and the Duck Shoot. Each feature requires a different amount of tickets, offers great player interaction and is by far the highlight of this mobile casino app.

A new slots game from Netent - Theme Park Tickets of Fortune

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