Various Types of Social Casino Games

Social casinos have completely revolutionised the casino industry, providing top-class free-play games to millions of players around the world. As opposed to regular online and mobile casino games, social casino games are designed to be played for fun, and generally include some form of social media aspect. This can either be a sharing facility on social media platforms like Facebook, or an in-house chat facility where players can interact in a secure and fun gaming environment.

The attraction of fun play casino apps is easy to see. The apps themselves are free to download and the games offer state-of-the art entertainment. For anyone just starting out the first question that gets asked is what type of games can actually be played at social casinos? While social casino apps are still in their infancy, we can already see a direct correlation to the real-money casino gaming industry in terms of the types of games on offer and the most popular games.

Social Casino Slots

The most popular social casino games at Google Play casinos and other online social casinos are slots. As seen in the real-money gaming industry, slots games make up the vast majority of all the games played online. The reason for this is that slots are incredibly entertaining and rewarding, combining 3D animation with high-quality sound effects and in-game bonus features.

Just about every social casino, be it mobile or online will have slots as their main product. In fact, slots are so popular that most social casinos find it unnecessary to include any other type of casino game in their product line-up. The type of slots games found at App Store casinos include everything from classic slots to fruit slots, to 5-reel slots, and the latest 3D animated slot games.

Card and Table Games

While Facebook casino slots and mainstream slots games dominate the social casino market, they are by no means the only game available online. As is the case with real-money online casinos, there is a vast selection of players who enjoy classic card and table games. Poker is a particular popular social casino game with Texas Hold’em poker, Casino Hold’em, 3-card Poker and Caribbean Stud being the most common varieties found online. Social casinos also offer an extensive range of Video Poker games in all shapes and sizes.

Social Casino Games for Every Player

Blackjack is another popular social casino game, along with Roulette and Baccarat. While no real money can be won, the games are a great test of skill and mental agility, which make them as thrilling as ever. Download fun play casino apps come with a full list of games already pre-packed into the app itself. Recently, social casinos have started introducing more electronic games into their product list such as mobile bingo, virtual sport games and scratch cards.

Social casino games are designed purely for entertainment purposes while still giving players the full casino experience. While the games might not be as diverse as those found at regular online and mobile casinos, the demand for more diversity grows each day. It will not be long until social casinos offer all the available casino options, with social and chat facilities included.