All About Online and Social Poker Games

Predecessors of the world’s most intriguing and celebrated card game existed in Europe before settlers came to the New World, but it was really in the frontier towns of America that Poker as we know it today started to flourish.

Pioneers in the west played with people of first nations, and several different variations and rules arose as the popularity of it spread like wildfire. The blend of chance, because you can’t do anything about the cards you are dealt, strategy, because you can decide what move you want to make, and psychology, because you have to negotiate the complicated world of bluffing, is totally irresistible. Wen you play real money or social Poker games online, you’ll still get to enjoy all this, and more!

Build Your Best Hand and Get Your Poker Face On

While there are lots of versions of real money and fun play Poker, what is true in all of them is that you need to build the best hand possible according to the game’s standard rankings. This is usually done with 5 cards in a hand, although there are some instances involving 3 cards.

In addition to your own cards, which only you can see, there are also 2 or 4 Community Cards that are visible to everyone. If there are 2 Community Cards you usually need to use both as part of your final hand; if there are 4 you can use as many or as little as you like.

Within the confines of the variation that you’re playing, you need to decide what to do. You can Fold and leave the round if you think you won’t win, but remember that the strongest hand left standing is the one that takes the pot. Even if your hand isn’t very good, if you manage to bluff and get everyone else to Fold first, you win!

Bluffing takes a lot of insight and can only develop over time, as you learn to read tells and calculate the probabilities of what could be in your opponents’ hands. By now it should be pretty clear why this game is so intoxicating, and how important it is to practice as much as possible!

A lot of games can be played online and on your mobile device for free to help you do that, and there are also entire sites and apps dedicated to social gambling, where no real money is won. These social options can be a great bonus to players.

Fun Play Poker

A lot of people are surprised to learn that social platform-presented version of these games are more widespread online than their real-money counterparts are. The fact that you get top-quality entertainment without actually betting or winning real cash has many advantages.

Firstly, in the states where online gambling for real money has not yet been approved, the versions on Facebook and other social media engines are a way to enjoy yourself within the confines of the law. Playing like this also gives you the freedom to try out daring new tactics, knowing you are at no financial risk.

But the biggest thing that you’ll enjoy about social Poker games is how much you get to connect with like-minded players. Challenge existing friends, or make new acquaintances by going head to head with them. Unlock new levels and perks as you play and win more, and get ahead on leaderboards and daily challenges, or share your results online, for some friendly competition.

You’ll be playing with tokens, which you get for free when you sign up and which can also be bought for minimal costs. The emphasis here is not on winning big but about connecting and having fun, which brings a whole new sense of balance to the games.