Social Casino Tournaments

To speak of social casino tournaments, one must first understand what a social tournament is and it needs to be known that there is no singular definition to social casino gaming. ‘Social’ in the sphere of gaming can apply to the fact that many casino games can be social affairs which allow player interaction. This type of thing is most often seen in land-based setting and more recently in online casino settings to with the introduction of live dealer betting. These games lend themselves to social casino tournaments. However, social casino tournaments can also apply to the concept of social gaming, a pastime that is more popular than many think.

Social Casino Games

Casino gaming can generally be considered social, depending on which games you’re playing. Table games like live dealer blackjack can be a social experience and the same goes for live dealer roulette. Social casino games or gaming however has more to do with the idea of playing socially or without actually betting real money. Instead, social casino gaming deals with playing but not for real money wins. Playing social casino games revolves around progressing through levels and unlocking new games and features. Entertainment is the main aim of social casino gaming, a pastime that’s really taken off in countries like the Unites States where online casino gaming is strongly prohibited.

The Appeal of Social Casino Games

A large element of social casino gaming revolves around tournaments. In fact, the competitive nature of social casino gaming is what makes it so appealing to players. Entertainment features more prominently than the act of gambling although these games are designed to elicit the nature of gambling, but in a much lesser way. Players who indulge in this kind of gaming are not driven by the need to win and play more for the sake of having a good time and relaxing. This type of gaming attracts the gamer as opposed to the gambler. Players are taken by the concepts of virtual currencies and the fact that one needs to progress through varying levels.

Actual money can never be won in social casino gaming but there is fun to be had and there is progress to be made. Some might call this kind of play ‘gambling-lite’ and they wouldn’t be mistaken. Prize money in this kind of gaming has to do with being number one on a leader-board, winning virtual currencies and unlocking new levels.

Free Play/Demo Play

Social gaming can also be come upon in a regular mobile casino setup. By electing to play the games in their demo modes, you’ll be playing with free credits which possess no monetary value. Practically all the games except for progressives and live dealer are available in this somewhat social light.

Big Players in the Game

If you’re looking to enjoy social casino gaming without the lure of actual real money mobile casino gaming then its best you sign up casinos that do nothing but offer these games. IGT, one of the world’s biggest providers of casino games has a mobile casino called Double Down and it offers social gaming to over 6 million players from around the world. It’s got more than 40 social mobile slots and tournaments as well we other firm favourites like video poker, blackjack, roulette bingo and poker tournaments. All these games are also available in Facebook.

Other notable providers of social casino games and tournaments are Williams Interactive, Google Play, Buffalo Studios, and Playtika. But as social casino gaming continues a slow but upward trend, more real casinos are looking to get in on the action, speaking of which, if it’s real money gaming action you’re looking for, well then, you’ve come to the right place.