Social vs Conventional Casinos: The Differences

Social casinos are taking the world by storm, and although they are similar to conventional online casinos in some ways, there are distinct differences between them too.

The most fundamental difference between the two types of casinos is that social casinos don’t involve playing for and winning money. You buy, or are given credits with which to play, and then when you win games you get more of these tokens. You also get what is known as gaming capital, which are rewards like trophies and badges, and continuously have to achieve more difficult objectives.

The excitement comes in playing, winning and getting further, rather than walking away with big payouts. This difference accounts for almost all the other distinctions between conventional and social casinos.

Advertisements and Game Extras in Social Casinos

When you download fun play casino apps or access them directly in your browser, the companies are not just supplying them for your entertainment. They also need to make money, and they’re not doing that by taking large deposits the way conventional casinos do.

Social casinos have been criticised for fostering addictive gambling behaviour, though their proponents say they are very different and have a much more casual, fun feeling, with far smaller amounts of money spent on betting activities. Instead, they get a lot of their revenue through advertisements on their sites and through selling you extras that can level up your casino experience.

You don’t have to spend money, and the downloads of App Store casinos and Google Play casinos are almost always free, but as you play you might find yourself parting with more money in order to have the best time.

Social Casinos are More Sociable

Social casinos are usually linked to a social media platform such as Facebook, but this isn’t the only way in which they are social. When you play Facebook casino slots and other games, you can socialise with friends while you do so, share your results on your profile, play with others directly or try to best them so that your name is entered higher up on the leaderboard.

Whatever form your interacting with other players takes, the point is that social casinos allow you to connect. This seems to be the biggest thing that is appreciated about them, and most players seem to want to keep this separation between social and real-money casinos; the former is for relaxing, the latter is for winning. The fact that playing real-money games at casinos on social media platforms didn’t generate any excitement and has fizzled out is proof of this.

Social Casinos Aren’t Regulated

Conventional casinos have to meet certain requirements to get a licence from a trusted authority; social casinos have no such rules. This means proprietors can manipulate the games in any way that they like, which is something you need to be aware of.

You may be manipulated into more in-game purchases because you think they’ll help you do better or, if you’re practicing for real-money games you could go into a conventional casino with the wrong expectations and lose a lot of your gambling funds.

Potential game manipulation doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play at social casinos; it just means you should be careful. Don’t automatically spend money on the in-game purchases that are suggested to you, and when you play games for actual cash start small until you know you have a feel for the conventional casino gameplay. With this in mind, you’re free to enjoy yourself. Have fun!