Social Casino Apps

In the past, many people have argued that casino games are not that interesting. This line of thought says that players only take part in these games because of the gambling aspect and the chance to win money. But, as the vast number of people who enjoy fun play casino apps, social casinos, and Facebook casino slots have shown, this is not true.

Social casinos do not offer financial rewards, and, in the majority of cases, players can’t claim any sort of prize. Fun play casino apps allow players to enjoy casino games on their smartphones, tablets and desktops, and have proven that, even with no financial reward, these types of games can be as entertaining and engaging as anything else out there.

Where to Find Social Casino App Games

There are a number of different places for you to enjoy playing at social casinos including:

Double Down Casino

Millions of players have made Double Down Casino one of the highest-grossing fun play casino apps on Facebook. It is billed as the biggest free-to-play casino on earth, and there are versions of it available for you on Android and iOS as well.


Slotomania is one of the earliest Facebook casino slots to have made waves, and it boasts in excess of 14 million players who enjoy games on a variety of platforms, including iOS, Facebook, and Android.

High 5 Casino

High 5 Casino has more than 100 free slots, and is one of the most popular social casinos around.


The same company behind Novomatic run Gametwist, which stands as the company’s first foray into the world of social gaming.

These companies and more make their social casino apps available on social networking sites like Facebook, as well as for Android and iOS players at the Play Store and App Store.

Taking Part in Social Casino Games

It’s really easy to download fun play casino apps and enjoy all that these free casino games have to offer. Just visit the app store that your device corresponds to, the app store casinos for iPhone and iPad users, or Google Play casinos if you are using an Android device, and type casinos or social casino games into the search box. Download your chosen fun play casino apps and follow these steps to get started:

  1. After the download has finished, click to open your game.
  2. Read and agree to the terms of use.
  3. Choose whether you want to receive notifications or not.
  4. Collect your free bonus cash if this is relevant.
  5. Pick your preferred game from the casino’s lobby.
  6. Play frequently to unlock thrilling new levels!

The Advantages of Social Casino Apps

Social casino apps are a huge hit because they provide the excitement of real money games, without the risk these necessarily contain. They are designed to be social too, so you can boast about your achievements, and let your friends cheer you on thanks to posts on Facebook or other social media platforms. These games also foster a healthy spirit of competition, with players trying to work their way up the leaderboard to the top spot.

Social casinos have changed the face of gaming, offering an alternative to playing for real money, with the added perk of interacting and engaging with others online.