Bally Technologies

Bally Technologies, a gaming manufacturer founded back in 1968 has crossed through a complex history and exchanged hands quite a few times. From owning important patents to enduring hostile takeovers, Bally’s history could probably be the kind of story that might fit well into a Hollywood corporate thriller in line with the likes of Oliver Stone’s Wall Street. This is not to say that the company is in any way dubious – it’s just got in interesting ad colourful past. Today Bally Technologies is owned by SG Gaming (Scientific Gaming) and this appears to be the company that’s been responsible for taking a lot of the games it created for the land-based casino gaming industry, and putting it all online.

Bally’s Games

Bally Technologies specialises in slot game technology and before its titles became online casino games, had created jumbo cabinets 8 feet high and 3 feet wide to accommodate some of its most famous games. The good news is that many of its cabinet slot machines have found homes at some key internet casinos. These days it’s very hard to come by an online casino that doesn’t function as a mobile casino as well – a wise move done by the industry to accommodate and appease smartphone users. The games that you’ll get access to might vary in terms of availability if you compare what you’ve seen in a land-based casino and what you’re looking to get on your mobile device. However, some of the big games from Bally Technologies that you’ll be able to play include these classics:

Why Choose Bally?

If you’re wondering why mobile casino games made by Bally Technologies might be worth your while, here are a few things to consider. Bally’s popularity stems from the land-based industry – the oldest and most traditional way to gamble. Many of their games have fan followings and many of their games have been used as vehicles to introduced new concepts to players. Bally Technologies’ approach to slots gaming from an ideological perspective is that it should be entertaining. This is one of the key traits kept in mind whenever the company unveils a new game for the overall casino gaming community.