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Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is the market leader of live dealer casino gaming. The concept has existed for quite a few years but the execution has only taken off over the last couple of years. Evolution Gaming was founded in 2006 as a company solely dedicated to the creation of live dealer casino games. Three years prior to this, Playtech, today a well-known producer of all kinds of casino games, some available as mobile casino apps too, created what they claim to be the first live dealer casino game. The various technologies required to make live dealer gaming completely seamless were at different levels of accomplishment; and so it would be years of more research and development before these games became what they are today. Enter Evolution Gaming, a company with a passion for real casino games and bringing them, to you!

What is a Live Dealer Game?

A live dealer game, also known as a live casino game or a live dealer casino game, is a combination of various technologies, amalgamated to give you the most realistic gaming experience you can have while still being surrounded by your creature comforts. It took Evolution Gaming 6 years to develop and release their line-up of live dealer casino games. A live dealer game operates around an actual table game that gets relayed to you by way of streaming technology. Your ability to see where you’re seated and how many chips you have are all hallmarks of the technology that generally accompanies online casino games. So, in essence, live dealer casino gaming is really a hybrid in terms of technology, but real in terms of your gaming experience.

Live Dealer Games by Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming has put together a great selection of live dealer casino games. The company has managed to cover all the bases of card and table games. This means that you can expect games like:

Many of these games have been adapted for usage on smartphones so expect to see them and enjoy them in a mobile casino format. Evolution Gaming has offices and studios in key locations around the world and provides their table games in multiple languages. Designated broadcast studios have been built to beam these games directly to you. If you sign up with JackpotCity or Spin Palace, you’ll be able to play the Evolution Gaming brand of live dealer games and get real interaction as if you were inside a brick and mortar casino. If you’ve ever been uncertain about the whole online and mobile casino movement, then it might be that you’ve just been waiting for live dealer casino games. These games have given seasoned players something new and brought in new players too. Former fence-sitters have been won over. If you’re cut from the same cloth, then get over today and start playing to win for real!