NetEnt, formerly known as Net Entertainment is a Swedish-based company founded in 1996. NetEnt has proven itself to be an incredibly talented organisation capable of producing some of the best casino games in the world. Be it online casino games or mobile casino games, NetEnt have established themselves as one of the key go-to software producers. NetEnt has built up a collection of more than 290 casino games that it licences out. The company has established a series of hallmarks and traits that make its games instantly recognisable. Through their Touch™ division, NetEnt has created and adapted its game for mobile casino users and each month the company continues to release to new titles to an expectant gaming community.

Looks and Features

NetEnt creates distinct and unique mobile casino games, apps and desktop products to service all formats and thus cater to all gamblers. Their games are often defined by the graphics and visual style that quite often serves as a signature mark. If you’ve ever wanted to play casino games that literally look pretty and enticing, then NetEnt’s catalogue of gaming products is sure to do a lot more than impress you. While all their gaming content looks unique, it’s their video slot games that allow for the most creative liberties and it’s these games in particular that attract players to the mobile casino operators that are powered by NetEnt.

Recommended NetEnt Games

Over the years NetEnt has made many games showcasing its unique talents. We’ve taken the liberty to mention a few that we consider to be truly exceptional. The following NetEnt games are known to either showcase incredibly intricate and entertaining bonus games or simple yet effective and entertaining win-enhancing elements. NetEnt have developed a true talent for creating entire stories that take place in their slot games and that help to flesh out their bonus games. With NetEnt you’re getting so much more than just a slot game; you’re getting an adventure. These video slots, many of which are available as mobile casino games and apps, come highly recommended:

These are just some of the many cool NetEnt slot games that you’ll be able to play once you sign up with one of our mobile casino operators. There’s a game to suite every taste and mood. If you feel like hunting down aliens just like those marines in the 1986 classic, then try out Aliens.  If you love those old Universal classic horror movies then Frankenstein and Creature from the Black Lagoon are games you should definitely check out. True terror and great winning chances await those who play Dracula and for those who want to build their own criminal empire there’s Scarface. Those foul-mouthed kids from Colorado will entertain you to no end in South Park and if you’d like to hunt gold like the conquistadors, then give Gonzo’s Quest a go. There’s just so much more to do at a NetEnt powered casino.