NextGen Gaming

It looks as if all the really good software suppliers were founded at the turn of the century, there’s just something about the year 1999 that was a game changer and in so many ways. In 1999 we got one of the most profound movies of a generation, The Matrix; Intel released the Celeron 366MHz and the most expensive online domain was purchased for 7.5 million dollars. Also, It was the year in which NextGen Gaming was setup. The 90s was a great time for the internet casino movement – so much was still being discovered and NextGen Gaming could not have timed their birth at a better time. NextGen has been known to build casino games with integrity and has in recent years partnered itself with NYX gaming to reach an even wider audience.

Making Great Games

NextGen thrives to maintain the balance between innovation and established gaming norms and thus the company provides its designers with an environment that will always push them to uncover new ways to deliver games that players have loved for years. NextGen’s sole focus is you, the player. After all, if you’re not pleased with what they’re churning out, you will take your business elsewhere. NextGen excels at what it does for a number of reasons – but mainly because of originality. Its signature touches on its mobile video slot games is what really impresses players. Then there’s the fact that it’s also partnered with some big players in terms of intellectual property and these licensing agreements have seen it deliver absolute must play mobile slot games like:

Features by NextGen

NextGen is particularly noteworthy for the way it takes the standard and conventional norms of video slot games and modifies them to fit in with their vision of slots games. They’ve crafted some truly amazing video slot games that are now also available as mobile casino apps. The following features are exclusive NextGen creations: