Playtech was founded in the late 90s and in early 2000’s developed and honed its ability as a producer of casino software that could be relied upon. Playtech has built up quite the gaming empire and is a respected maker of all kinds of casino games. The company’s focus and endeavours have lead it beyond the fields of casino gaming to include lottery games, bingo, land based machines, sports betting, live dealer games, social games and even binary trading. Put another way, if you can wager on it, Playtech will make it happen. Playtech has its finger in each and every gaming pie and for those who think the company might be a little overstretched, Playtech has proven its ability to provide gaming solutions practically overnight.

Playtech’s Range

Playtech’s range of casino solutions, many of which it has made available as casino apps for mobile casino players, includes the following lot:

Playtech Slots

Playtech’s video slots are incredibly impressive and many are based on intellectual properties from the canon of pop culture. Quite recently, in a move straight out of the movies the company’s contract with Marvel ended and it had to pull its massive range of marvel inspired video slots. Within a few short months the company had struck up a relationship with DC/Warner to create a whole new line of games based on films like Man of Steel, Superman The Movie, The Green lantern and  a series of titles straight out of the old campy yet still classic Batman TV series of the 1960s.

Playtech Card & Table Games

Impressive card and table games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat are produced and supplied by Playtech as well as live dealer casino games – something they claim they were the first release way back in 2003 already. Through their live dealer casino games, Playtech is able to offer poker, baccarat, blackjack and roulette. The company’s ability to supply games of this nature means that you get to play the most realistic types of casino games currently in existence and as casino apps!

Playtech Sports Betting

Sports betting is another exciting sector of gaming that Playtech has tackled with great success.  If you’re a sports fan, lover, liker or aficionado, then be sure to try out a mobile casino or operator that uses Playtech’s sports betting software. With Playtech’s sports betting software you’ll be betting on everything from boxing to baseball to volleyball and so much more.

Playtech Bingo

Bingo has always been a niche market but one that retains devoted followers and thanks to Playtech mobile bingo is as good as it gets. Enjoy all the variations you’ve come to know and love and enjoy all the social attributes as well thanks to chat software. With Playtech’s bingo games, it will always feel like the real thing.

Playtech Binary Trading

Have you ever fancied yourself a bit of a stock broker, only you didn’t have the time or the resources? Well, these factors shouldn’t be stumbling blocks anymore thanks to the binary trading options from Playtech. Now you can bet on the market without investing in the market. It’s the way to trade for many who fancy trading but know little about it or simply don’t have the kind of bucks it takes. Easy to learn and follow, Playtech’s binary trading will have you trading in no time!