Betting on Virtual Sports

If you are looking for more exciting online betting options, you may want to consider trying your hand at virtual sports. This dynamic and entertaining wagering option gives you the opportunity to bet on digitally created versions of your favourite sports and events.

Instead of waiting for an upcoming Hockey game or Football match, you can simply log on wait for a virtual event to start. Since there are multiple games taking place every day, you can enjoy more wagering action with while watching the results live. 

What are Virtual Sports?

With traditional online sports betting, the events that you are putting money on will take place live some time in the future. This could be anything from a horse race to national elections, the NFL or the Dakar Rally. The problem is there are only a certain number of events happening at any one time. Since the demand has grown for more betting action, bookmakers have had to come up with some unique and creative ways to give punters what they want.

This is where the virtual sports betting Canada has to offer come in. A virtual sport is simply a digitally created version of a popular game or event. For example, with basketball, you can have an All-Star game with the best players from every team playing at 2pm, then again at 4pm, then again at 6pm and so on. Every time the game is played, a different outcome occurs. Different players score points, and some don’t score at all.

How Are The Results Determined?

The outcome of a virtual game is determined using Random Number Generators; much like those used at online casino Canada sites. The RNG’s are verified and audited on a regular basis to ensure fairness and accuracy. This makes it possible to recreate famous events like the Indie 500 or the Spanish Grand Prix with a different result each time. The RNG will randomly assign players point skills and will randomly choose a team to win.

What Can I Bet On?

Creating a virtual sport is not easy or cheap. A lot of technical data goes into the creation of a single game. As such, there are only a handful of options that are available in this fabricated format. The most popular include Ice Hockey, Basketball, American Football, Horse Racing and Motor Racing. As the technology develops, more and more events are being digitised and virtually re-created. If you are interested in this type of wagering, it may be best to check with the site first and see what options are available before you sign up.

What Strategies to Use

Virtual sports betting Canada sites run multiple games and races throughout the day. You can choose what type of sport you want to bet on, and which game, depending on how much time you want to use up and what odds are available. Since the results are created using Random Number Generators, traditional betting strategies will not be viable. Traditionally, you use past results and team performance information to predict how a team or player will fare in an upcoming match. The more research you do, the better your chance of predicting a winner.

With virtual sports, you have to forget everything you have learned about standard wagering and base your decision on the data provided before the game. This is usually a rundown of the statistics of the previous matches and the how the teams performed. This is a bit like looking at the past winning numbers on a Roulette wheel at an online casino Canada has to offer. The strategies should be based around the betting and not the results, so you’ll need to adapt the way you wager accordingly in order to cash in as often as possible.